Sunday, November 7, 2010

to start off

Okay so to beginning, i just want to tell  you a little something about myself , about who i am and what i like to do and the whole soup  summed up  so that you can see where I'm coming from. To begging with everything that i will be posting is about my life and how i am and how i made it this far, hoping that i can make a difference, and give advice to people with similar things like me. I am new at this so please forgive me if I'm doing it wrong or anything, some things you should know about me are : that i write from what i am thinking  I tend to look pass punctuation  so if you see long sentences please forgive me as i will do my best to make it better for my benefit as well. I am also no t the best speller  at all so if some words are miss spelled please excuse me. Lets get to business, I am 20 years old i live in New York in the country part of it. I am married my husband name is Brian we got married  9 months ago, then along came my little angel Isabella Marie and shes now 7 weeks old. we both graduated high school last year and we are currently in college we attend Kaplan University  online school. We are very independent individuals who share similar beliefs.  God is our main priority and with out him we recognize that we would not be were we are. Specially at this age. so this was a little introduction as i will make many more, so you can get to know me a little bit more. please excuse me and be patient with me as i am new to this and i still have to get the feel behind this great experience.